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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gates Avenue

Pedestrian safety improvements and an enhanced public space are coming to Fulton Street and Gates Avenue. Street reconstruction will reduce the length of the crosswalk and encourage vehicles to come to complete stops. There will be new planted areas, more trees, benches and additional lighting in this project made possible by funding secured by the FAB Alliance. Construction:  2017

Greene Avenue

The area where Fulton Street, Greene Avenue, Hanson Place and South Oxford Street meet (aka:"7-Corners") will become an enhanced public space with the addition of more trees and benches. Plus there will be additional bike parking in this project made possible by funding secured by the FAB Alliance. Construction:  2017


FAB recently completed a project to expand every tree bed in the district plus plant dozens of new trees. The expanded tree beds allow more water to reach the roots and tree guards were added to protect the new trees in this project made possible by funding secured by the FAB Alliance.

Sidewalk Beautification

With Fowler Square under construction, the planters from that plaza have been put to use to beautify a stretch of Fulton Street between Cambridge Place and Grand Avenue. The planters bring a bit of green to the sidewalks in front of the Post Office and its parking lot with barbed-wire fencing, the Senior Citizens Center at 966 Fulton and Young Minds Day Care Center at 972 Fulton in this project made possible by funding secured by the FAB Alliance in partnership with the NYC Department of Transportation. In 2017, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) recognized this FAB block and the beautification efforts here by selecting it as a 2nd place winner in the "Greenest Block in Brooklyn" contest for Commercial Blocks. (PHOTO:  Brooklyn Botanic Garden)

   Bike Parking

Responding to increased demand, well over 100 new bike racks have been installed on the sidewalks of FAB thanks to the support of the NYC Department of Transportation in response to requests made by FAB Alliance. Construction of public spaces at Fowler Square, Greene Avenue and Putnam Triangle include additional bike parking. Bike Corrals have been installed at South Oxford Street and St. James Place, with another to be installed near the Subway entrance at Washington Avenue.

  Redesign & Reconstruction

The reconstruction of the playground at Fulton Street and Classon Avenue has been completed and is now open with major upgrades to the facililities, design improvements and public safety enhancements thanks to funding from NY City Council. 

   "BAM Park"

Despite the commonly-used name, this space at Fulton and Lafayette is actually owned by the City of New York. Closed for years due to safety issues, the fenced-in triangle space opposite Fowler Square in Fort Greene, is slated to be rebuilt and opened up as a new NYC Park, to be managed and maintained by the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership is managing the construction project, with legacy funding from the "BAM LDC". Construction:  2018/19

Fulton Street Vision Plan

An open space and streetscape plan for the district was completed for the FAB Alliance in 2013 thanks to funding secured by the FAB Alliance and the generous contributions of the pro-bono architects who created the plan. Many of the initiatives currently under construction were informed by this plan and the community input that went into it. Continue reading for more details.


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