About Us

In 2005 a coalition of small business owners, merchants, property owners, and community stakeholders banded together to form an association to focus on enhancing the Fulton Street shopping district that runs through the two neighborhoods of Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. After struggling to succeed as an all-volunteer organization, the coalition explored the formation of a non-profit organization with a staff and budget to ensure the delivery of services for more than 400 small businesses and property owners as well as the broader community. In 2009 Fulton Area Business (FAB) Alliance was incorporated and began operations as one of 73 Business Improvement Districts in New York City.

With an annual operating budget of $477,000, FAB provides supplemental sanitation services; addresses public safety and quality-of-life issues; manages graffiti-removal efforts; installs holiday lighting and branded banners to create a sense of place and unity; advocates on behalf of its members with city agencies, elected officials and civic organizations, develops marketing events and public relations initiatives that bring awareness to Fulton Street and its diverse range of small businesses—while driving foot traffic to those businesses; and works on business attraction and retention to reduce vacancies and increase the vibrancy of the street life. FAB has also successfully initiated several streetscape improvement projects in the district to make the shopping experience more inviting and welcoming.

Expanded Boundaries of FAB Alliance

The area West of the FAB Alliance, known as the BAM Cultural District (aka Brooklyn Cultural District) is in a gap between several BIDs. This area is experiencing tremendous growth with developments underway on formerly vacant lots that will bring in thousands of new residents, dozens of commercial businesses, and several new cultural institutions and venues that will create a 24/7 street life. Plus, there will be new sidewalk treatments and public space improvements to maintain. To bring core BID services in this dynamic area, the FAB Alliance BID - and separately the MetroTech BID - expanded their boundaries in 2016.

Brooklyn Cultural District:  FAB and MetroTech BID Expansions to Cover District

In the map below, the current MetroTech coverage area is in RED, with the expansion area indicated in the color pink. The current FAB coverage area is in GREEN, with the expansion area indicated in the color lime green, which includes the blocks contiguous with the existing BID that connect with the Fort Greene community and its nexis at Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue. Both organizations initiated the legislative review process for their respective expansions in 2015, which became effective July 1, 2016.


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