Trees get T-L-C from F-A-B

Friday, June 10, 2011
On May 19, 2011, the FAB Alliance installed these green water bags on over 90 street trees in Clinton Hill and Fort Greene along Fulton Street, Lafayette, Greene and Putnam Avenues. Each bag holds 20 gallons of water, which seeps out slowly through small holes in the bottom (the method preferred by arborists).

Prompted by last year's brutally hot and dry summer, a number of trees suffered. Realizing that the care of the trees would require a dedicated effort, FAB worked within its exisiting budget to fund this project.

Regular watering is critical to new street trees in their first three years after planting. More mature trees still need water, but its during those early years when the trees are most vulnerable. These bags fit on the young trees, and the larger more mature trees will get regular watering too.

Trees bring all kinds of benefits to the area's businesses, property owners and residents - both environmental benefits and beautifying the street. Increasing and enhancing green space along Fulton Street and adding trees to the neighborhood (Free Tree Giveaway!) are ways to achieve those goals.

Next up:  The tree pits will get watered, their soil nourished and mulch will be added.

More trees, please!  The FAB Alliance has done a survey to identify potential locations for additional street trees and has sent a request to the NYC Parks Department.


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