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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

As the saying goes, "it's a beautiful thing, when a career and a passion come together." Katrine Pollari seems to have found the perfect recipe for success. Her shop, Olivino Wines and Spirits, has been a mainstay of Fulton Street for over 12 years now, yet wine was merely a side interest she picked up while traveling for her previous career pursuits. Buoyed by the friendly, communal atmosphere of Clinton Hill, this Midwest transplant is proud to call Brooklyn home, and looks forward to serving the area for many years to come. Katrine chatted with us about what she loves about the neighborhood and what's next for Olivino.


FAB: Where are you from originally?


Katrine Pollari: I was born in Ohio, but I've been in New York City since 1985.


FAB: What inspired you to open your business?


Katrine: I was a handbag designer for 19 years and was fortunate enough to have traveled extensively around the world. I fell in love with wine and when I decided I wanted a career change, wine immediately came to mind. The shop opened in July of 2004.


FAB: Why did you choose Clinton Hill and what do you like most about the area?


Katrine: I moved to Clinton Hill in 2000 from Park Slope. My first question to neighbors was "where do you buy your wine?" It was a natural choice; I figured if I needed a local wine shop, then other people needed it, too. I absolutely love the diversity of the neighborhood and the friendliness. It feels like a small town where everyone knows your name.


FAB: What knowledge or advice would you share with another small business owner?


Katrine: Do what you personally know, rather than what you think is a good business idea, because it's "trending." 


FAB: What do you want people to know about your business?


Katrine: Olivino's selections have really changed over the years and we've expanded our offerings of small producers that you won't find everywhere. Most of the wines we carry are sustainably farmed, organic or biodynamic. We also added spirits to the mix about 3 years ago, which has been great, and we're finally building a website so people can shop online. (And people always ask about the name: the shop's named after my dog, Olive, who's here with me everyday!)


Olivino Wines and Spirits

905 Fulton Street (Clinton)

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY 11238

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