A very busy month: Putnam Triangle Plaza approved and much more!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The month of June was very busy one for Fulton Street and the FAB Alliance.

Here's an update:

After a heavily promoted and well-attended public workshop where 90% of the attendees actively participated in break-out sessions to talk about what they would like to see in their community, the PUTNAM TRIANGLE PLAZA WAS APPROVED by Community Board 2 for the Clinton Hill intersection of Fulton, Grand and Putnam Avenues. Community Board 2 committee votes were unanimous and implementation is scheduled for September.

THANK YOU to all business owners, property owners, institutions and residents of surrounding blocks who wrote letters of support and even appeared in-person at the workshop and crucial Community Board meetings to show support for this FAB Alliance initiative that will create additional open space, enhance the pedestrian experience along Fulton Street and drive foot traffic to nearby businesses.

   FAB is planning to co-host a CELEBRATION AND BLOCK PARTY to kick things off in late September or early October - it will be an event where a wide range of community groups, organizations, businesses and institutions will participate in planning and organizing. More info to come...

In June, FAB also hosted TWO PUBLIC WORKSHOPS for creating an accessible, inviting Plaza at Fowler Square in Fort Greene — at Fulton, Lafayette and South Elliott Place — both were very well-attended and drew a passionate crowd. More community meetings and traffic analysis by the Department of Transportation are to be completed later in the year. Thank you to all who have participated in the process, either by writing letters of support for the Plaza project or coming out and participating in the Public Workshops.

FAB efforts at KEEPING FULTON STREET CLEAN continue as the workers are managing the corner trash cans and cleaning litter 7-days a week during the warm weather months when people are out enjoying the local businesses.

Graffiti-Removal remains a priority so in June FAB had 108 GRAFFITI TAGS REMOVED from lamp posts, mail boxes and other street furniture. And FAB is working with Graffiti Free NYC to have graffiti removed from dozens more locations identified on buildings and security gates throughout the BID district.

In June, the street trees of the Fulton Street started to get regular watering by a contractor working for the FAB Alliance. And, work crews worked at caring for and BEAUTIFYING THE STREET TREES by removing weeds and adding mulch.

FAB has also sent the NYC Parks Department information about 48 possible locations for NEW STREET TREES. Subway tunnels running under Fulton may be a challenge at some locations, but we'll continue to push for more trees.

In June, FAB organized and staged ELEVEN LIVE CONCERTS in collaboration with merchants all along Fulton Street as part of Make Music NY 2011.

Another FAB FRIDAYS was held, once again featuring OVER 4O PARTICIPATING BUSINESSES in this monthly event designed to generate publicity and get people to come out to Fulton Street and discover all that it has to offer.

Several FAB MERCHANTS RECEIVED ASSISTANCE with important business issues, including legal referrals; Department of Sanitation conflicts; public safety and crime concerns; issues with residential neighbors; income-generating and green-business opportunities; averting impacts of water main repairs on Atlantic Avenue; and more...

After 18-months of dialog with city officials and the support of Council Member Tish James, NYPD SECURITY CAMERAS AT FULTON and GRAND were installed. And to the delight of the Seniors at 966 Fulton Street (and anybody else heading downtown on a bus) the MTA consolidated two bus stops at the Putnam Triangle making it easier for people to visit Fulton Street with twice as many buses to choose from.

Here's some more exciting news: 

On three empty lots near Fulton Street (at Grand, Putnam and Irving Place) NEW RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENTS are starting construction or will be soon. And 940 FULTON recently completed construction and has begun marketing two brand new ground-floor retail spaces and upper-floor residential coops. MORE GREAT NEWS TO COME, including new businesses opening up in formerly vacant retail spaces and more.

Look for those annoucements soon.


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