Putnam Triangle Design Concepts and FAQs

Friday, January 23, 2015
UPDATED:  The Transporation and Public Safety Committee of Community Board 2 voted 10-1 to support the design of the Putnam Triangle Plaza as presented at its meeting on March 17, 2015. See the renderings and the full presentation.

New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) and the NYC Department of Design + Construction (DDC) have partnered with Thomas Balsley Associates to design a plaza that meets the needs of the community residents and businesses. FAB, DOT and DDC held community workshops to encourage dialogue between community members and the design team. In addition, a special workshop was held to hear from business owners who are closest to the plaza, located at Fulton Street and Grand Avenue in Brooklyn's neighborhood of Clinton Hill. As a result of these conversations the design team developed the three design concepts shown below.


DOT, DDC and Thomas Balsley hosted the 1st Public Workshop on September 15, 2014. Individuals who were present gathered in small groups where they viewed a blank map of Putnam Triangle and discussed their ideas and suggestions. Following the first workshop, the suggestions were used to developed three designs that were presented at a 2nd Public Workshop on December 3, 2014. People who attended the workshop looked at all three designs, asked questions and provided feedback on a survey form. Designers will take the input they received at the 2nd workshop and create a revision design for further community review and input from the Community Board. Below you can find a project timeline that outlines next steps for the Putnam Triangle Plaza Redesign.

Out of these workshops, residents and business owners the design team developed a list of the most desired elements that were compiled through community input. Some of these elements were: Well shaded area; Smooth and easily walkable paving; Permanent seating/permanent table; Emergency access to storefronts; Drinking fountain; Trash/recycling bins. Below are three options presented by Thomas Balsley Associates that take into account those desired elements as well as underground utilities and subway tunnel plus other Putnam Plaza site constraints


Putnam Plaza Redesign-Option 1 (click image to see full design)

Putnam Plaza Redesign-Option 2 (click image to see full design)

Putnam Plaza Redesign-Option 3 (click image to see full design)

Do you still have questions about this project? Take a look at this list of FAQ's put together by the Department of Transportation to answer many of the questions that you may have. 

The Putnam Triangle Plaza is a public space for all the residents of the area. In addition to the events hosted by FAB Alliance (in collaboration with various community partners), residents and businesses have utilized the space to host many events since the plazas' opening in 2011. For more history about the Putnam Triangle Plaza and a video please click here.
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