Improving the Environment of Fulton Street

Friday, February 3, 2012
FAB knows that a large part of attracting customers to the businesses of the district is maintaining an inviting appearance. FAB’s goals include keeping the streets and sidewalks clean and clear, keeping the buildings and street furniture graffiti-free, and maintaining and increasing green spaces. FAB has many initiatives which address these goals, including:


FAB kicked off its clean streets initiative in October 2009 when our supplemental sanitation workers took to the streets to empty overflowing garbage cans; sweep litter off sidewalks and triangle plazas, and out of tree pits; and remove flyers, stickers and graffiti from light posts and other street furniture. The workers are out there 6 days a week (7 days in warmer weather when more people are out) and are easily identifiable by their blue FAB uniforms. During the winter, they also remove snow at the corners to make things easier on pedestrians.


FAB recognizes the importance of providing recycling receptacles to complement the supplemental sanitation program. FAB was one of the first BID’s to secure recycling containers once the New York City Council expanded its recycling program. Containers are installed near subway entrances at five high-traffic locations along the BID, and at the new Putnam Triangle Plaza.

Graffiti Removal

The removal of graffiti not only improves the appearance of the BID, but also serves as a deterrent to crime. The NYPD’s broken windows theory is predicated on the notion that small crimes lead to larger ones. FAB works with Graffiti Free NYC to have graffiti removed from locations on buildings and security gates throughout the BID district. In addition, FAB sanitation crews remove graffiti from lamp posts, mail boxes and other street furniture. Since the BID’s inception in 2009, more than 500 instances of graffiti have been removed. Fighting graffiti is an on-going effort and FAB will continue to work to keep the BID graffiti-free.

Street Trees

FAB believes strongly in the beautification, as well as environmental, benefits of caring for trees. 2011 was the inaugural year of FAB’s tree care initiative. FAB worked with contractors to regularly water the existing trees, as well as to maintain the tree pit soil. FAB installed green bags around the base of the trees, gator bags, which when filled, slowly release 20 gallons of water over a period of time. Tree pit care includes the removal of weeds, fertilization of the soil and the adding of mulch. In addition to caring for existing trees, FAB worked to get new trees planted in the fall despite challenges posed by the subway tunnel running underneath Fulton Street. FAB will continue to work with the Parks Department foresters to find viable locations for more trees.

Bike Racks

FAB is determined that the BID be an inviting place for bikers, as well as pedestrians, while maintaining clean streets with clear pathways. Working closely with the NYC Department of Transportation, FAB identified locations for new bike racks to serve the needs of the growing population of cyclists. So far over 130 new bike racks have been installed. And locations are being surveyed for installation of new city program called “Bike Share”. More on that in the spring.

The FAB Alliance Quality-of-Life Programs have yielded results. The streets and buildings are cleaner, the trees are healthier and the BID is a more inviting place for all. FAB will continue to develop programs that contribute to the improvement of conditions along Fulton Street, and we welcome your suggestions.

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