Fines for Signs & Awnings Creating Panic for Small Businesses

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

UPDATE: JAN 9, 2019:  NY City Council passes legislation to provide relief to small businesses. The bill provides a 2-year moratorium on violations related to store signs and awnings; waive or return fines from some past violations; create a task force to study the issue; and require the City to provide education and training to help businesses comply with the laws. (Read the article in the NY TIMES 1/9/2019)

DEC 6, 2018
There has been a dramatic spike in violations and fines on small businesses by the City regarding storefront signs and awnings. The fines are a significant burden on businesses - the backbone of the NYC economy.

Rally in Support for Action by the City Council. On December 5, 2018, Elected officials, business owners, and the FAB Alliance along with fellow Business Improvement Districts, participated in a rally in support of pending City Council legislation  (Int. 728) that would create a moratorium on fines and violations, institute an amnesty program, create a task force to examine the convoluted regulations that go back decades, and set up an education program for businesses that encourages compliance instead of just levying fines.

PHOTO: Office of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

Panic on Fulton Street (and beyond)
On Fulton Street (and neighborhoods throughout the City), word of the dramatic increase this year in the number of fines and their extremely high costs have created panic where businesses have been removing their signs and awnings preemptively... to avoid getting a violation. This is devastating for the businesses and terrible for the neighborhood. See the pairs of BEFORE & AFTER photos below.

FAB is hoping for quick action that will halt these sweeps of business districts throughout the City and put an end to the unfair violations and devastating fines.


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